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Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor Interview

Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor Interview

Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor
You were strangers before shooting for a love story as intense as Aashiqui 2. Was it difficult to break the ice?

Aditya Roy Kapoor : We had a workshop before we started shooting, so that broke the ice. People tell me we have good chemistry, so I think it was a good thing that we got to know each other beforehand.
Shraddha Kapoor: Yes, we rehearsed a lot before shooting and were in sync with each other’s style of working. We were comfortable with each other.

And you bonded over…?

Shraddha: I love to sing,to the sets and we would sing together.
Aditya: I liked the fact that Shraddha is very committed, focussed and wasn’t worried only about herself.

Choose three adjectives that are most descriptive of your co-star.

Shraddha: Handsome, creative, spontaneous.
Aditya: Honest, punctual, large-hearted.

And what would you say is your co-star’s most annoying habit?

Shraddha: We both irritate each other. I have seen so many of his moods. Sometimes, I think he can be quite lazy.
Aditya: Shraddha takes her time to be annoying. She is forgetful and tends to procrastinate, which she is very conscious about.

What is the weirdest thing you two have done?

Shraddha: We are both pranksters and there wasn’t a single moment of boredom on the sets. Once, while we were rehearsing for one of the shots, he tried to trip me over, hoping I would fall flat on my face. But that didn’t happen–I almost fell but saved myself at the last moment. He got punched very hard in the bargain.
Aditya: We are slapping buddies. I have given her many fatkas but she has never shouted at me.
Shraddha: We are actually like Timon and Pumbaa (the meerkat and warthog from The Lion King). He calls me Pumba. I am so much smaller than him — he is 6’2″ and I am barely 5’6″. When he slaps me on my back, I stagger four-five steps ahead. I am ahead of him all the time.
Aditya: She eats ridiculously slowly. Though it is good for health, Shraddha is still chewing away long after everyone at the table has finished.

Who bullies whom?

Shraddha and Aditya: It gets balanced out eventually.

Aditya, did you and director Mohit Suri pamper Shraddha?

Shraddha: None of them pampered me at all. But that’s because I wanted to be one of the boys. I was always intrigued by what these boys were up to.Mohit spend more time over Aditya’s hair. He had an Afro haircut earlier but his wild hair was tamed and a lot of effort went into it. Now it is kind of coming back and he will have to chop it off completely. His Afro cut made him standout, though.
Aditya: Shraddha is not tomboyish, she is a lady in many ways. But she was part of the gang. I am not there to pamper her. I had other things to worry about. I focused more on pampering myself.

Who has the best moment in the film?

Shraddha: The Aashiqui moment in which both are below the raincoat is really good.
Aditya: Yes, that moment is really magical.

Your favourite song from the original Aashiqui?

Shraddha: Saason ki zaroorat.
Aditya: Same here.

And your favourite from Aashiqui 2?
Shraddha: Tum hi ho.
Aditya: Now you are copying me.

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